The Hong Kong Cemetery Preservation Society's mission is to help with restoration, repairs of historical graves or monuments, landscape conservation, and preservation of both flora and fauna.

We also promote awareness of Hong Kong Cemetery by informing and educating locals and tourists about its history and heritage. We are actively contacting graves' descendants in Europe to give them advice on restoration and repairs.

What We've Achieved

  • Preservation of Graves & Monuments

  • Repair of Slopes

  • Conservation of Buildings

  • Restoration of Natural Landscape

  • Conservation Management Plan

  • Discovery Classes: Flora, Fauna & History

  • Guided Tours

  • Promotion of Public Awareness




Conservation of Graves & Monuments

Some stones are as old as 150 years, each of them with a special history, either personal for a family or included in the global history of Hong Kong. We work closely with Hong Kong Cemetery to preserve these stones in their original colour and design.

We also spent meticulous hours working with the cemetery team, helping to restore the original wooden benches located all around Hong Kong Cemetery.