Hong Kong Cemetery is located on the western side of Happy Valley and was previously known as the Protestant Cemetery and the Colonial Cemetery.


Founded in 1845, It is the oldest and most important of the cemeteries in Hong Kong. It is one of several other cemeteries located side by side along Wong Nai Chung Road, namely:  the Muslim Cemetery, Roman Catholic Cemetery and Parsee Cemetery, each representing different religions of Hong Kong. Further up Happy Valley is the Jewish Cemetery.

Of course, the main attraction is the historic stone monuments and graves which present a colourful picture of the personalities in old Hong Kong who have contributed to its success over 150 years. But there is much more than graves here!



The Cemetery was formed in 1854 and previously known as the Protestant Cemetery and then the Colonial Cemetery. Since those early times, it has expanded its scope and now accepts all religions and all races. Happy Valley was previously rice paddies farmed by the villagers of So Kun Po, but due to the prevalence of malaria, most of the valley was drained and improved by the Government and used partly for the racecourse and this cemetery; The name "Happy Valley" was thought to be a little ironic joke by the British army to describe this very unhealthy and deadly area. 

Cemetery Overview